Vitex Fruit Extract - 100 caps

Vitex Fruit Extract - 100 caps
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Brand: Haya Labs
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Vitex Fruit Extract is a dietary supplement with immense benefits for women’s well-being. It contains standardized extract from Vitex fruit. Its regular usage promotes fertility, hormonal balance and is used as a treatment for multiple female health issues. Benefits: Increases progesterone levels Does NOT contain synthetic hormones Improves hormonally induced acne Helps with irregular menstruation Relieves PMS symptoms Helps to cure amenorrhea Reduces the potential risk of miscarriage Helpful in cases of mild endometriosis Relieves menstrual cramps Positive effect on female fertility Improves lactation Treats and prevents enlarged prostate Kills certain types of cancer cells Improves hormonal balance In ancient times Vitex, also called Chasteberry, was mostly used as an aphrodisiac, today it is regarded as one of the most powerful alternative medications for the female reproductive system. Although the exact mechanism of action is not precisely known, researchers believe that it balances the action of the pituitary gland, which plays a major role in regulating ovarian hormone production. Vitex has also proven to be helpful in lengthening the second part of the female cycle and thus increasing the chances of pregnancy. The herb is renowned for its ability to enhance and improve female fertility. Daily intake of Vitex stimulates the production of progesterone and eliminates health issues related to lack of progesterone. Probably its most important quality is that the herb has a slow and gentle effect and does not rush the body to immediate and stressful change. This is the reason why any improvement is noticed after a long term period of use.