Cal-Mag Citrate - 90 tablets

Cal-Mag Citrate - 90 tablets
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Calcium and magnesium are essential for many functions in the body, especially bone strength and density as well as play an important role in the maintenance of muscles and nerves. Benefits: Promotes strong bones and teeth An important element to decrease blood pressure Helps to maintain normal PH levels A necessary element for muscle contraction An important element to provide normal coagulation Helps the transportation of nerve impulses They impact synergistically and thus the recommended ratio is 2:1. Although calcium is a key mineral in the mineralization process of bones or their hardening, the quality of the newly formed calcium crystals depends on magnesium. In the case of inadequate levels, crystals are weaker, contributing to fracture occurrence. This can be an issue, despite a regular intake of recommended quantities of calcium supplementation. Moreover, the muscle function requires both elements simultaneously; calcium helps muscle contraction and magnesium the relaxing process. This formula uses calcium citrate salt; calcium citrate demonstrates a good level of absorption and utilization in the body. Published research suggests that, perhaps, it is the optimal form of calcium supplementation; these analyses conclude the possibility of greater benefit from the use of calcium citrate in comparison with the common calcium carbonate supplements. The studies compare the absorption level of calcium in the form of oral intake of 500 mg during meals by using formulas based on calcium citrate and formulas with calcium carbonate. After estimation of calcium blood levels, the results show that calcium citrate is 2.5 times more bio-available than calcium carbonate. In case of constipation, calcium citrate also can be considered a better option in comparison with carbonate. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body (the human organism contains approximately 1.13 kg) and 99% is stored in the bones and teeth. The other quantity can be found in blood flow and fluids around cells. Calcium is a key mineral with a wide specter of biological functions. Its utilization slows down with aging process. In case of inadequate supply, the body will compensate with amounts taken from the bones, thus causing porosity and fragility. It’s important to stress upon the fact that the supplementation with this mineral is of a great significance for slowing down the process of bone loss and maintenance of strong and healthy bones.