Choline Bitartrate, 500mg - 100 caps

Choline Bitartrate, 500mg - 100 caps
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Brand: Haya Labs
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HAYA LABS Choline Bitartrate is a high-quality food supplement containing choline bitartrate, which decreases the levels of fat and bad cholesterol, increases the energy, and improves brain activity. Benefits: Reduces body fat Decreases cholesterol level Stimulates strength and energy Enhances brain function Stabilizes liver health Positively influences the nervous system Increases stamina Powerful detoxifying effect Improves metabolism HAYA LABS Choline Bitartrate contains water-soluble choline bitartrate - a part of Vitamin B complex structure, which improves the liver function, by transforming the fats in energy. Choline bitartrate decreases the number of bad cholesterol levels, strengthens bladder health, and has a favorable influence on the central nervous system. Furthermore, this substance increases the production of growth hormone, the endurance during high-intensity workouts, and protects the muscle mass from injuries. HAYA LABS Choline Bitartrate has a strong detoxifying effect, stimulates the fat metabolism, and contributes to the proper conduction of nerve impulses. Choline bitartrate stimulates the brain function, improves the memory, and increases the concentration. This priceless component raises the strength and energy, activates the muscle processes, and improves the mood. Moreover, choline bitartrate contributes to the proper assimilation of other active substances, including the absorption of magnesium.