Astragalo - 30 tablets

Astragalo - 30 tablets
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Astragalo is a food supplement providing 400 mg of astragalus root extract per daily dose. Originally from the Far East and China, a phytotherapeutic element used since ancient times in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astragalus (and in particular its roots), through its toning action, can raise the threshold of resistance to stress factors, promote tissue repair, and a whole lot more. However, the traditional Chinese use of the plant is aimed at stimulating the Chi of the spleen and lungs, i.e. those organs (together with the kidneys) which are fundamental to the body’s energy flows and therefore also to defensive energy and immunity. When the weather turns colder, Astragalus represents one of the most effective natural remedies to strengthen the immune system’s defences and prevent and treat cold-related illnesses and flu, due to its proven immunostimulant properties in preventing infectious diseases, especially viruses, colds and the flu. In fact, its action derives from counteracting the atrophy of organs such as the spleen, thymus and intestinal lymph nodes, and promoting phagocytic capacity and the transformation of T lymphocytes. Its saponin content, found in the phytocomplex, gives the plant a hepatoprotective effect and stimulates hepatocyte regeneration. Astragalus, like other well-known eastern plants, also has adaptogenic properties, that is it allows us to respond and adapt well to stress, lowers oxygen consumption in the mitochondria, and increases cell growth, metabolism and longevity. For these reasons, it is also recommended to counteract periods of tiredness and fatigue, or during convalescence (such as after antibiotic treatments), and to increase the capacity for learning and memory. In addition, the plant has been shown to have a cardiotonic effect, able to act on the metabolism of sodium and potassium, reducing blood pressure and therefore useful in cases of hypertension.