Natural Protein, Blueberry Nuts - 24 x 40g

Natural Protein, Blueberry Nuts - 24 x 40g
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: PowerBar
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Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet and an important “building block” for your muscles. When you have been active and particularly after exercise or gym sessions, your muscles need protein for growth and maintenance. PowerBar Natural Protein is a high quality, protein bar with the best, natural ingredients- it is ideal for athletes and those who lead an active life. It provides you with 30% protein in an innovative format: crunchy like a cereal bar, lactose free, vegan and made with natural ingredients. Ideal to support training adaptations after exercising. It also tastes great as a snack in between meals as it is important to consume protein regularly during the day for best results. 30% high-quality, vegan protein i.e. from soy, peanuts and almonds to support muscle growth and maintenance. With well-chosen, high quality and natural ingredient. Lactosefree.