Whey Shred Pack - Chocolate

Whey Shred Pack - Chocolate
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Why did we create this product? 
Whey is vital for building, maintaining and repairing muscle, it should be an integral part of any fitness regime. With this pack, you can be assured you are obtaining quality whey protein combined with the addition of CLA and Thermo which are all designed to fire your body into action.


What are the benefits of The Whey Shred Pack? 

  • Protein building qualities 
  • Rapid absorption due to 8X Whey 's protein formulation   
  • Energy enhancing 
  • Increases the efficiency of how your body burns calories (this would also be known as increasing the ‘Basal Metabolic Rate' or BMR) 
  • Convenient and most beneficial to consume alongside a well-balanced healthy diet.

How is the product unique? 

The pure form of whey protein sourced from UK grass-fed cows includes all of the amino acids you need for immediate muscle repair. The main advantage of 8X Whey is that it can be consumed by anyone to enhance protein levels which ultimately helps to reduce the risk of muscle wastage at all ages.

The combination of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Thermo will enhance fat reducing functions both during and post-workout whilst 8X Whey enhances the repairing and building of muscles.

What is the pack made of? 

  • 1 x 8X Whey - A pure blend of Whey Isolate and Concentrate
  • 1 x CLA - An essential omega-6 fatty acid that inhibits fat uptake into fat-storing cells, reducing excess fat composition within the muscle and around organs 
  • 1 x Thermo - Increases the calorie burn

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