Diet Plus Pack - Chocolate

Diet Plus Pack - Chocolate
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Why did we create this product? 
Dieting will be easier and more enjoyable with this specific pack that helps you to shed unwanted pounds. Slimming results will always be better when following a calorie-controlled diet.

What are the benefits of our Diet Plus Pack? 

  • A weight-loss aid
  • Increase protein uptake to increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat
  • Energy-boosting properties 
  • Delicious taste 

    How is the product unique? 
    Providing you with over 20g of quality protein per serving this pack focuses on giving you a morning diet shake that will stop you reaching for those unhealthy snacks by helping you feel full until lunchtime. The addition of the Thermo product completes the weight loss benefits with the active compounds that provide a potent fat-loss aid along with added antioxidants. 

    What is contained in the pack? 

    Diet Plus:

    • A protein blend - Whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, Casein from skimmed milk protein concentrate, Hydrolysed whey protein. All help to increase lean mass which will in turn aid fat loss. 
    • Creatine Monohydrate - Creatine is a protein naturally occurring in the human body. It has been identified as a worthy contributor to weight loss due to its lean muscle building.
    • Taurine - This amino acid is an excellent fat burner as it boosts cellular energy production. Additionally it provides antioxidants and the potential to reduce blood pressure.
    • Lysine - This essential amino acid encourages collagen formation which keeps skin, bones, cartilage and muscles strong and healthy. It also indirectly supports the lowering of bad cholesterol (LDL's) that in high quantities can contribute to the blocking of blood vessels.
    • Glycine - A natural anti-inflammatory, helps to keep skin healthy and smooth. It is predominantly considered a non-essential amino acid, however, recent studies have suggested that it should be considered an essential amino acid specifically due to its potential benefits for curbing weight gain and obesity as it can improve metabolic health.
    • Glutamine - The most abundant amino acid found within the muscle system which makes it a crucial element for minimising the breakdown of muscle and the accumulation of fat storage within the muscle.
    • CLA - Aids fat loss by breaking down the fat molecules within cells.


  • Green Tea Extract - The high caffeine content in green tea offers fat-burning properties by helping the body to burn more calories. Additionally, it will provide a rich supply of antioxidants which have proven health-protective benefits
  • Anhydrous caffeine - Provides a stimulant effect to boost energy levels for higher endurance
  • Capsicum - Further enhances the burning of calories
  • Minerals and Vitamins such as Chromium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 aid in maintaining blood sugar levels, decreasing fatigue and enhance overall performance.

  • Read our full protein guide for more info.