Vegan Weight Loss Bundle, Blood Orange / 30 servings

Vegan Weight Loss Bundle, Blood Orange / 30 servings
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Vegan Oblivion Plus with our very popular Thermo capsules included as a gift from Myoband. Increase your energy levels whilst training with our Thermo capsules and recover rapidly with Vegan Oblivion at the same time. Whether you're going vegan short term or it's a lifestyle decision, you'll want to take advantage of this amazing bundle.

Why did we create this bundle?

When the weather is cold Thermo is a great product to stoke your metabolism and help get you up and out for your all important physical activity. To support this extra activity we've combined it with Vegan Oblivion Plus to help you recover from your exertion and ensure you can carry out your weekly regime with reduced DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). 

What are the benefits of Vegan Oblivion? 
  • Vegan Oblivion Plus comes with electrolytes . That is why we call it "plus" as it includes electrolytes.
  • Full spectrum of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to provide the  protein  you need. Find out more from our protein guide
  • Refreshing protein juice available currently in two flavours
  • Zero carbs
  • Zero sugars 
  • Zero fats 
  • Ensures rapid absorption and transportation of the total amino acid structures within the bloodstream to quickly enhance muscle and reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)  
  • Replenishment of lost electrolytes that will support the benefits of good hydration


What are the benefits of Thermo? 
  • Suitable for anyone looking to sculpt their bodies by producing more lean mass
  • Convenient addition to a regular well-balanced diet and fitness regime
  • Increase fat burn 
  • Boost your metabolism (energy generating and storing processes of the cell) 

How is the product unique? 

Vegan Oblivion contains electrolytes trisodium citrate, potassium chloride and magnesium lactate. Electrolytes are simply mineral salts dissolved in fluid which carry an electrical charge. Replacement of electrolytes are beneficial when sweat losses are high and prolonged.

A key to successful training is recovery so that your body is prepared as it can be for when you train again. Vegan Oblivion is, quite simply, a great product to choose when you are looking for faster recovery