Reconditioned Bio Posture

Reconditioned Bio Posture
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Brand: Global Product
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OverviewReconditioned Items used for photography, testing and modelling, may not have original packaging or product could show small signs of wear. Brand new stock available hereSTOP BACK PAIN FASTThe Bio Posture back brace aims to relieve discomfort and improve poor posture, as well as reducing muscle tension. Easy to fit, and comfortable enough to wear all day, this brace is a handy helper for anyone with posture issues.Maintains correct posture alignmentActively supports back muscles reduces back pain, aches and stiffnessImproves stability and core strengthClass 1 medical deviceDrug free therapyNot batteries or magnets How it WorksThe IP Patented micronodules actively engage your back muscles around the spine and have a positive feedback effect to ensure your spinal column stays in the ideal neutral position. This ensures your back, neck and shoulder muscles are aligned properly, maintaining good posture. Poor posture is known to lead to back problems, backaches, neck and shoulder pain, stress, curvature of the spine, Osteoporosis, mild to moderate Kyphosis, slumped shoulders, indigestion and erratic bowl. By sitting, standing and walking with good posture many of these ailments can be totally relieved and reduce any pain or discomfort. This technology is drug-free and is pacemaker friendly. It does not use batteries or magnetsSizingwaist size 22" to 55" one size fits all. For waists 55”to 67”please select Bioposture with extender Adjustable shoulder straps For the most comfortable fit were recommend measuring your waist size before purchasing. We recommend wearing the Bioposture back corrector over at least 1 layer of clothing during use.Biofeedbac™ ScienceDesigned in conjunction with Professor Malcolm Pope Dr.Med.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., C.Eng., Eur Ing., Eur ErgRoyal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh; Honorary Consultant in Biomedical Physics & BioengineeringSub Dean (Scotland) Royal Society of MedicineProfessional Member National Back Pain Association2015 winner of Society of Biomechanics award“I worked closely with Global Product in the UK to develop the world’s first Biofeedbac™ health system, which utilises the body’s own automated awareness and re-educates muscles to perform at their best.”A UK leader in spinal technology, Prof. Pope is in the top 53 of the World’s most influential scientistsBioFeedBac is the product of a lifetime’s work of the highly respected scientist and engineer, Professor Malcolm Pope. Malcolm has been leading the way in biomedical engineering for over 50 years, collecting many top awards for his work along the way. He’s recognised as a world authority on spinal problems and is ranked as one of the top 60 most influential scientists in the world today. He has held a number of prestigious positions in the UK and the US, including:Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery (University of Vermont, US)Professor of Mechanical Engineering (University of Vermont, US)Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery (University of Iowa, US)Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Dentistry (University of Aberdeen, UK).Malcolm continues to be extremely active in his field and is currently Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and the RSM’s Sub Dean for Scotland. He is also an Honorary Consultant in Biomedical Physics and Bioengineering for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.