Himalayan Salt Mini

Himalayan Salt Mini
Brand: Global Product
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Micro inhaler can help with breathingIncludes 100% natural pink Himalayan salt crystals, contains no nasty chemicals CAN HELP WITH Runny nose
 Watery eyes
 Environmental irritants such as dust mites & smoke
 Smokers cough
KEY FEATURES Can improve Sleep Patterns Natural Relief Like Taking a Breath of Fresh Ocean Air Comes with a bonus nasal adaptor 2 in 1 relief (oral and nasal) Includes 180g of salt and 30 filtersIt is easy to use, portable & pocket-sized design.No complicated instructions, no cords or batteries. The pocket-sized breathing device that easily fits into your purse, jackets or jeans. In an independent study • 85% of users felt instantly better • 95% of users found it easy to use • 90% of users found it non-salty experience • Majority of users felt that they could take deeper and stronger breaths after use