Proven Greens & Reds, Natural - 360 grams

Proven Greens & Reds, Natural - 360 grams
Categories: Vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Gaspari Nutrition
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Gaspari Nutrition created Proven Greens & Reds to give you a high nutrient superfood fruit and vegetable powder to help promote healthy body function, and support immune and detoxification functions. Healthy body function is a proven necessity so look to the Proven Authority in superfoods, look to Proven Greens & Reds. Proven Greens & Reds is Gasparis premium, nutrient-dense, all-natural, superfood, high in natural vitamins and minerals, and strong phytonutrients that help promote good health and a strong immune system, good digestion, helps process toxins and naturally balances alkalinity. Only the highest quality, all-natural, ingredients go into Gaspari s Proven Greens & Reds. Extracts from wholesome, organic, dark red fruits and berries and dark green vegetables, free of pesticides and genetic modifications, are the only ingredients you ll find in Gaspari s new Proven Greens & Reds!