Solstic® Energy (30 sachets) 4 Pack (4 x 30 Sachets)

Solstic® Energy (30 sachets) 4 Pack (4 x 30 Sachets)
Brand: Nature's Sunshine
Size: 4 Pack (4 x 30 Sachets)
75.65 GBP
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Tell me more about Solstic Energy This unique drink mix range has been created to meet the growing demand amongst health-conscious consumers for convenience, ease of use, quality ingredients, and proven results - and customer demand has ranked them amongst our top selling products. Solstic’s low-calorie servings contain no fat or sugar, are low in carbohydrates and have a low Glycaemic Index, helping to support your body, naturally. These great-tasting nutritional drinks contain 20 calories or less per serving and are so easy to use. Simply mix the contents of the sachet with 500ml of water, shake, and enjoy. What are the main benefits of Solstic Energy? Solstic’s blend of natural, energy releasing ingredients can help to provide added stamina, without added risk. So instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, a fizzy drink, or a sugar-loaded energy product, why not opt for the natural alternative, with Solstic Energy? Solstic’s unique formula includes Yerba Maté, and Guarana Seed - a natural source of caffeine that releases more slowly than processed caffeine, along with Green tea extracts. The B vitamins in Solstic Energy provide an array of health benefits that contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, normal energy-yielding metabolism, and normal function of the immune system, providing energy, endurance, and stamina. Your body cannot store water-soluble B vitamins, so they need to be replenished throughout the day to maintain energy levels. Solstic Energy has a great natural citrus flavour and has been carefully formulated to support the body’s own energy-producing systems to provide a sustained release of energy whenever and wherever you need it. Each serving has only 15 calories, 3g of Carbohydrates, and is free from fat, dairy, gluten, and yeast. Nature’s Sunshine Single: 65014-Pack: 9684 [#subtitle] A great tasting natural alternative to sugar-loaded energy drinks UK RRP: Single:£25. 53 | 4 Pack: £89. 02 [/subtitle] [#bullets] Yerba Maté, a