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CHRONIC BACK, LEG & FOOT PAIN WHILST DRIVING? POSTUREGENIE IS HERE TO HELPWhy choose a Posture Genie Support Cushion?Use on any chairMachine washable Zip CoverNon-Slip BaseDesigned by osteopathMoney Back GuaranteePerfectly Angled for maximum effectAnatomically shaped for correct supportBuy 2 and save (free delivery when buying 2)SIMPLY PLACE ON THE DRIVER’S SEAT AND DRIVE PAIN FREE The Posture Genie has been designed to imperceptibly correct your posture while you drive, it will help to avoid the strain placed on the left sacro-iliac joint from constant repetitive use of the right leg whilst driving a motor vehicle.When seated, your pelvic bones act in the same way as your feet would do when standing or moving. Therefore maintaining the weight distribution correctly whilst seated would seem logical. However, when driving, the left leg is used far less than the right, this infrequency can create an inflammatory chain of events in the pelvic bones, hips and lower back.The Posture Genie corrects this unnatural imbalance and is designed to fit all car seats.EXPERT VIEWRegistered Osteopath Mr Brown invents the world’s first posture correction driving orthotic. It’s specifically designed to reduce the discomfort and pain when driving.“For over 30 years my patients have complained about pain and discomfort when driving. I would treat them after the injury had occurred but what they needed was a product specifically prevented the discomfort and pain of poor posture when driving. this is why i invented the patented posture genie.Simple to useErgonomic designLight weightWipe clean