Lamberts P5P 20mg, 60 Tablets

Lamberts P5P 20mg, 60 Tablets
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Brand: Lamberts
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Vitamin B6 is probably involved in more processes in the body than any other B vitamin but despite this up to 25% of women have diets that provide less than the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) for this vitamin (and the NRV is just 1.2mg which is likely to be a long way short of an optimum intake).Vitamin B6 can be found in three different forms: pyridoxine pyridoxamine and pyridoxal all of which are normally present in foods. Vitamin B6 must first be converted into the active compound of Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate (P5P) in the liver. By consuming vitamin B6 in the active P5P form conversion is no longer necessary meaning it is all ready to be used by the body. This product provides a full 20mg of P5P per tablet. IngredientsVitamin B6 (P5P), Tableted With: Cellulose, Calcium Carbonate, Anti-Caking Agents (Silicon Dioxide & Magnesium Stearate), Tablet Coating (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerine), Stearic Acid. Each tablet provides: Vitamin B6 (P5P) 20mg Directions For Use1 tablet daily with a meal. PrecautionsLong term intake may lead to mild tingling and numbness.