Bacopa Monnieri 500mg 60 Tablets

Bacopa Monnieri 500mg 60 Tablets
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Raw Powders™ offers Bacopa Monnieri tablets! What is Bacopa Monnieri? Bacopa monnieri is water hyssop that mostly prefers wetlands. This supplement is named after the god creator in the Hindu religion. The name of this flower was given because of its exceptional properties that improve brain function. Today, the effectiveness of Bacopa is confirmed by research. Why Bacopa Monnieri? Bacopa interacts with certain chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, GABA, and thus activates the activity of our brain [1]. The properties of the Bacopa Monnieri improve memory and focus, helping to process and memorize information faster [1]. This supplement improves general psychological well-being and supports the activity of the nervous system [2,3]. 1. Memory enhancer. 2. Mental health, cognitive functions. 3. Support central nervous system, nervine and brain tonic - positivelly affects hippocamus. WARNING: Consult the doctor before starting to use any supplement if you are pregnant or under another medicine or have any health malaise. In case of unwanted physical or mental changes, discuss usage and dosage with a professional. Any supplementation is forbidden for people under 18.