Evolog - 60 caps

Evolog - 60 caps
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Brand: Evogen
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DIGESTION GLUCOSE OPTIMIZATION MUSCLE VOLUME There are no shortcuts to packing on quality muscle. It’s essential that you are not only training hard consistently, but more importantly that you are eating enough. For hard-gainers, sometimes eating enough quality calories can be a challenge, and what makes it an even bigger challenge is trying to limit unwanted fat gain in the process. The reality is carbs are not the enemy and are essential to helping build that 3D muscle volume effect. Do you want to eat more carbs with less worry? Do you want maximum muscle volume after every meal? What coach is known for consistently producing the most insane physique results year after year? Increasing carb loads while limiting fat gain really is an art form that 19X Olympia winning coach and Evogen CEO, Hany “the Pro Creator” Rambod, has perfected with his elite group of athletes. One of his best kept secrets has been the utilization of glucose disposal agents combined with digestive enzymes. These aren’t just for cheat meals, but for any meal that has carbs. Yet another piece to the overall physique transformation solution has been revealed - EVOLOG - Advanced Nutrient Partitioning Agent. This potent combo not only helps you breakdown food more efficiently, but also helps your body absorb more nutrients by positively modulating insulin and blood sugar levels. By doing this your body is more prone to shuttle carbs into muscle as opposed to adipose (fat) tissue. This helps carbs work for you on a whole other level. HERE’S A CLOSER LOOK AT EVOLOG AND HOW HANY HAS BEEN ABLE TO CREATE THAT BALANCE BETWEEN EATING ENOUGH AND OPTIMIZING ABSORPTION FRAXINUS ANGUSTIFOLIA EXTRACT (SEED & FRUIT)( GLUCEVIA) This revolutionary new extract has never been publicly in the physique industry until now. In human clinical trials it has shown to be effective at increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar levels in healthy humans. This means it not only helps your muscle absorb glucose more efficiently, but your liver as well. The benefit of this it makes your endogenous insulin more effective while also supporting a healthy liver. DIHYDROBERBERINE (GLUCOVANTAGE) Another first to the physique industry is the potent berberine extract. This metabolite of berberine actually has up to a 6x greater bioavailability than berberine itself. Berberine is found in many traditional GDA products, but Evogen took it a step further by using a more potent metabolite for improving insulin sensitivity and nutrient portioning at a much lower dosage. R-ALPHA LIPOIC ACID This is the naturally occurring form of lipoic acid, a nutrient present in every cell of the body, essential to chemical reactions that allow the body to produce energy. The fact that the body produces very little alpha lipoic on its own and is included in EVOLOG is because of its ability to enhance the utilization of carbs for proper energy storage and utilization. BANABA EXTRACT This extract is another staple in many GDA products and for good reason. It helps support not only healthy glucose levels, but also supports healthy digestion. It’s a perfect for fit EVOLOG which utilizes both GDA’s and digestive enzymes for a complete solution. EVOZYME ENZYME COMPLEX This custom enzyme blend was designed specifically for the needs of physique athletes. Its full spectrum enzyme blend was designed to help you not only break down protein properly, but to also help you breakdown different types of carbohydrates with ease. What’s the point of eating all those carbs with your GDA if your body can’t break them down efficiently? There you have it. You don’t have to fear carbs anymore, and your cheat meal just became your best friend again.