Conditioning Hair Mist (200ml)

Conditioning Hair Mist (200ml)
Categories: Vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Lily and Loaf
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How will Conditioning Hair Mist help me? This revolutionary hair essential works to eliminate frizz and reduce breakages whilst making your hair appear thicker. It helps to release tangles gently without leaving your hair feeling dull and greasy. The special ingredients include carefully chosen essential oils of Geranium and Bitter Orange, which have natural balancing properties, along with natural oils of Safflower and sunflower seeds. This vegan friendly spray is formulated with ethically sourced, organic ingredients and is free from synthetic ingredients, harmful chemicals and parabens.  It can be used on any type of hair, straight or curly, and can be sprayed directly onto dry or damp hair. Cruelty free, natural, organic ingredients with no artificial preservatives. Wheat Protein Overuse of Straighteners and hair dyes can have a devastating effect on your hair, wheat protein repairs such hair damage, while also preventing breakage improving the overall appearance of your hair. Use the buttons below to print, download or email a simplified factsheet for reference. var pf Header Img Url = ‘’;var pf Header Tagline = ‘’;var pfdisable Click To Del = 1; var pf Hide Images = 0; var pf Image Display Style = ‘block’;var pf Disable PDF = 0; var pf Disable Email = 0; var pf Disable Print = 0; var pf Custom CSS = ‘’;var pf Encode Images = 0; var pf Show Hidden Content = 0; var pf Bt Version=‘2’;(function(){var js, pf; pf=document. create Element(‘script’);pf. type=‘text/javascript’;pf. src=’//cdn. printfriendly. com/printfriendly. js’;document. get Elements By Tag Name(‘head’)[0].append Child(pf)})();