Chitosan, 500mg - 90 caps

Chitosan, 500mg - 90 caps
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Chitosan is a type of fiber that is most commonly derived from the outer solid shell of such sea creatures as shrimps, crabs, and other crustaceous. Benefits: Can decrease cholesterol absorption in the body Shows greater effectiveness in lowering cholesterol in comparison with natural resin Scientists agree that there is a likelihood of potential weight loss due to chitosan, but still, there is no evidence to prove this Supports healthy blood circulation According to the research, chitosan possesses a unique ability to bind fats in the stomach thus preventing their absorption by the body. Scientists suggest that this characteristic is related to the strong magnetic charge of the substance, which allows attracting and binding the negatively charged fats. The most common use of chitosan is associated with healthy weight loss and the process of cholesterol balance. If used topically, it can help in treatment and recovery after skin grafting There are studies, which use chitosan as part of some medical wound bandages