Bamboo Face Cloth

Bamboo Face Cloth
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Lily and Loaf
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Super soft bathroom luxury for sensitive skin or eczema. Bamboo fibre is smooth, non-irritating and softer than the softest cotton. It makes the most luxuriously gentle face cloths that are marvellous for sensitive or eczema-prone skin. Bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic, extremely absorbent and as soft as cashmere. It has a natural sheen and softness which feels and drapes like silk but is less expensive and more durable. Natural Bamboo fibre has amazing qualities including a unique bacteriostasis agent called bamboo kun. This helps bamboo resist bacteria that can infect eczematous skin and stops odour-producing bacteria from growing and spreading. It also means your Bamboo face cloth stays fresh and odour free between washes. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly crop. It grows naturally and quickly without the need for pesticides, fertilisers or irrigation. Panda friendly - this bamboo is not the species that pandas eat. Lily & Loaf2080 [#subtitle] Super soft bathroom luxury for sensitive skin or eczema. [/subtitle] [#bullets] Suitable for Sensitive Skin Panda Friendly Soft to the touch & kind to your skin Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Eco-tex certified free from harmful chemicals Cloth colour may vary [/bullets]