Arginine Supreme - 100 tablets

Arginine Supreme - 100 tablets
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Brand: SAN
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Increase Muscle Mass & Reduce Recovery Time with Arginine Supreme

  • Supports blood flow to working muscles
  • Amps up your workouts
  • Supports improved endurance
  • Supports nutrient delivery
  • Speeds muscle recovery after exercise The Quest for More Mass and Reduced Recovery Time As an athlete, you always want to recover as quickly as possible so you can always perform at your best, and you want visible results from all your hard work. SAN’s ARGININE SUPREME contains 800mg of L-Arginine per tablet, making it a simple yet ultra-potent source of all the muscle-building and recovery benefits from this powerful amino acid. Research has shown that supplementation with this potent amino acid promotes enhanced protein synthesis for increased muscle growth, helps decrease protein catabolism for less muscle loss, and supports healthy insulin maintenance for enhanced nutrient delivery and improved uptake of glucose and amino acids into the muscle cells. That all adds up to noticeably improved gains in performance and muscle building while you spend less time waiting for them to happen.