Whey Aminos - 300 tablets

Whey Aminos - 300 tablets
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Brand: Weider
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Rapidly digestible whey protein hydrolyzate, which has a high biological value for the supply of trained muscles. After training the musculature needs quickly digestible amino acids. Due to the rapid assimilation of amino acids, there is no shortage of building material for muscles. The product is ideal during a diet, because it contains very few carbohydrates. Amino acids are bricks for proteins. When proteins come from outside with food, the body needs to first split them into constituent amino acids in order to be able to use them. WheyAminos tablets give the body all the necessary amino acids at once. During hard training, not only carbohydrates, but also amino acids are used to produce energy. However, if WheyAminos is consumed in this amount in combination with resistance training, the peptides are used to build muscle, and not put in fat (protein synthesis)! The original protein that is part of WheyAminos is a high-quality whey protein. Thanks to a special sparing production process, it is already optimally split into components in advance. Amino acids can be absorbed very quickly by muscles.