UpCircle Chocolate Charcoal Chai Soap Bar

UpCircle Chocolate Charcoal Chai Soap Bar
Categories: Vitamins, Vitamin C, Serum
Brand: UpCircle
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UpCircle Chocolate Charcoal Chai Soap Bar is a gently exfoliating soap suitable for use on both face and body to brighten and detoxify. Activated charcoal draws out toxins and tightens pores whilst cacao extract boosts circulation and brightens skin. Skin is left feeling soft, smooth and bright. Benefits- A gently exfoliating natural soap bar for face and body- Brightens and detoxifies the skin- Helps draw out toxins and tightens pores- Boosts circulation and brightens skin- Made with residual chai spices used to create chai syrup- Gentle enough to be used every day Key Ingredients- Activated Charcoal draws bacteria, dirt and other micro-particles (like residue caused by pollution) to the surface of skin, helping to deep clean your skin! Activated charcoal reduces the appearance of existing blackheads and stops new ones from forming, helping you to fight acne and create a clear and fresh complexion. - Pure cacao extract helps protect and repair the skin from damage and premature aging. Also, as a potent anti-inflammatory, it soothes redness and blemishes, improving the skin’s complexion.- A blend of ten hand-sourced chai spices, including nutmeg, vanilla, ginger and cloves create a powerful scent that helps stimulate circulation and gently exfoliate the skin. Skin TypeSuitable for all skin types. How to UseApply UpCircle Chocolate Charcoal Chai Soap Bar with water to create a creamy lather. Suitable for face and body. For best results, follow use with a serum and a moisturiser.