Uncle Joe's Energy Lozenges - 15 Sweets

Uncle Joe's Energy Lozenges - 15 Sweets
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Celebrating Uncle Joe's as a heritage brand with a hint of MYOBAND!

Why did we make this product?

Why drink your energy when you can enjoy a boiled sweet instead?! We wanted to bring back memories of growing up, and put some fun into your energy boost by developing a hard boiled sweet that would rival any energy drink. For this who better to collaborate with than the world-famous Uncle Joes - making traditional sweets since 1898! Now, you can have the taste and fun of Uncle Joes, with the science driven performance of MYOBAND. And, with zero sugar!

What are the benefits of energy sweets?

  • Zero sugar
  • 18mg of fast-acting caffeine per sweet (note: caffeine absorption through your gums [buccal mucosa] is faster than through your gut via pills or drink, so the kick is fast!)
  • Panax ginseng for cognition, reaction time and adapting from daily stressors
  • Guarana - Shown in studies to provide additional stimulation over caffeine-alone.
  • 16mg of vitamin B3 (niacin) to assist nutrient conversion into energy
  • 12mg of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) for food conversion into energy and manufacturing red blood cells
  • 4.2mg vitamin B6 for nervous system health
  • 2.gug vitamin B12 energy production and nervous system function
  • Chromium for blood sugar management
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Uncle Joe's great taste!

How is this product unique?

Energy drinks are all the rage. But what if you don’t like the bloat of carbonated drinks, or just tired on drinking the same ones all the time. Well, try sucking an energy sweet instead. The energy hits you in a whole other way compared to your usual methods, while be a whole lot more fun (if we do say so ourselves). Uncle Joes energy sweets are easy to store, and won’t fizz all over you if you accidentally shake them up. Convenient and fast energy in your pocket for whenever you need it!