Two Oblivions Plus FREE box of MYOBARS, English Apple / English Apple

Two Oblivions Plus FREE box of MYOBARS, English Apple / English Apple
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The perfect bundle to get your started. Choose your two favourite flavours of OBLIVION+ and get your FREE BOX of MYOBARS.

Oblivion Plus

  • Oblivion Plus comes with electrolytes . That is why we call it "plus" as it includes electrolytes.
  • Over 90% of protein and amino acids (the building blocks of protein). Find out more from our protein guide
  • Refreshing protein juice available in multiple flavours
  • Retains more protein content than Whey or Clear Whey products 
  • Zero carbs
  • Zero sugars 
  • Zero fats 
  • Ensures rapid absorption and transportation of the total amino acid structures within the bloodstream to quickly enhance muscle and reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)  
  • Replenishment of lost electrolytes that will support the benefits of good hydration
  • No more nasty smells if you forget to clean your shaker!


  • A whopping 25G of protein helps you achieve your daily protein intake keeping those muscles in shape. 
  • Zero sugar 
  • Boost energy levels throughout the day 
  • Helps to curb hunger pangs 
  • Light on the stomach 
  • Convenient to consume as its size makes it a portable snack 
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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