Trevarno Soothing Balm (Camomile Ointment)

Trevarno Soothing Balm (Camomile Ointment)
Categories: Skin, Age
Brand: Trevarno
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Trevarno Organic Soothing Balm is a rich, caring balm created using the gentlest organic ingredients to help replenish and soothe distressed and delicate skin. Combining the calming qualities of camomile and lavender with the restorative properties of st john’s wort, this multi-purpose balm works to relieve a wide variety of skin conditions. Great for soothing sore, irritated skin caused by allergies, psoriasis, and eczema (particularly wet eczema). Also effective for treating inflamed and blemished skin as well as skin sores and insect bites.Suitable for sensitive skin.