The Honey Lovers Honeyboost Ginger & Lemon Honey, 250gr

The Honey Lovers Honeyboost Ginger & Lemon Honey, 250gr
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: The Honey Lovers
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This powerfully flavoured gingerbread honey is an uplifting and spicy sensation for your taste buds.Naturally nourishing creamed wildflower honey enriched with taste and properties of gingerbread spice. You can taste and enjoy small bites of ginger and lemon which are added to the honey.HONEYBOOST GINGER & LEMON HONEY may help to naturally nourish & revitalise your immune system. Our honey is never over-heated, ensuring the nutrients naturally found in the honey are retained. The Honey Lovers products are produced in Poland using only natural ingredients. Our honey is pure and comes from nectar collected in mountains, gardens, trees and farmland.100% Natural IngredientsContains over 99% of wildflower honey rich in pollen.Vegetarian friendlyBest ways to eat Honeyboost:Stir a tablespoon of this deliciously fragrant honey into warm water to create a tasty drink. It is so delicious you can eat it straight from the jar. Ideal on a toast, bagiel, crepes and desserts. Ingredients100% natural ingredients 95% Creamed Wildflower Honey, 3 freeze dried ginger & Lemon, 2% apple juice concentrate. PrecautionsHoney is not recommended for children under 1 year old.