Supreme Super Shot - Multivitamin

Supreme Super Shot - Multivitamin
Brand: Supreme Nutrition
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The ultimate multi-vitamin shot. Packed with everything you need and more for an energising day. 

  • Ultimate All-in-one Multi Vitamin Shot
  • Packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Superfoods and Aminos 
  • The perfect start to your day 
  • Great tasting Red Orange flavour 
  • Easy to drink - Great for skin, health and wellness
  • Energise your day, everyday 



Our Super Shot is designed to be taken first thing in the morning to give you the best start to the day. Don't worry if you forget, it can be taken any time as long as you remember to take it daily. 


Our Immunity Booster Shot is packed with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C - Shown to improve immunity and wellness. 

Below we have included a description of just some of the ingredients in our Super Shot. You can rest assured we have included every key vitamin and more. From mood boosters, to ancient herbal remedies, they're all included! 

Spirulina - We don't think we have enough space to explain how good Spirullina is but we'll do our best to summarise here. This is one of the richest nutrient extracts you can find. Spirulina is an organism found in fresh and salt water known as a cyanobacteria. We know that sounds odd, but its similar to plants in that it produces energy from sunlight - its just more of an algae than a plant extract... It has been used by the Ancient Aztecs and even NASA researched Spirulina as an option for Astronauts in space - it grows easily and is very rich in nutrients, proteins and omegas. You can find protein, Vitamins; B1, B2, B3, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Manganese plus almost every other nutrient you might need packed into this powerhouse of a super food. 

Green Tea Extract - We love our Green Tea Extract, rich in anti-oxidants, great for the brain and even has fat burning properties through a process known as thermogenesis. Studies have even shown it helps you live longer. More details on the benefits of green tea here. 

Acai Berry Powder - OK so away from the algaes and back to the berries... This super berry is found in the rainforests of south and central america. Once again packed with nutrients, rich in anti-oxidants and has been shown to improve brain function, reduce cholestrol and potentially even a shield against certain forms of cancer. 

Goji Berry Powder - Another powerful berry, the goji is known as an ancient medicinal berry in China. They're a great source of vitamins and minerals, they boost your immune system and great for maintaining your blood sugar levels. 


It could not be easier! Simply fill the Super Shot cap up to the 15ml marker and drink. You can add it to your juice or shake too if you prefer. 


We should all consume more vitamin, minerals and aminos. This super shot is packed with super foods so it is designed for anyone and everyone. Whether you feel you eat enough greens or not, this shot will give you that extra healthy boost. 


At Supreme Nutrition we are committed to providing you with excellence both in taste and quality. In order to fulfil this promise we have invested heavily in product development through rigorous testing procedures and meticulous proofing of our end to end operations. From batch testing our full product range to screening our production facilities, we have focussed our efforts on quality in order to give you the tools you need to succeed.