Supreme Diet Whey

Supreme Diet Whey
Brand: Supreme Nutrition
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  • Over 20g of Protein Per Serving
  • Informed Sport Batch-Tested And Approved
  • Low Calories (141Kcal Per Serving)
  • Equivalent of 5 cups of Green Tea Per Serving
  • Ice Cream Vanilla
  • Natural Fat Burning Ingredients - Green Tea Extract, Flaxseeds, CLA, Acetyl L-Carnitine

Our leading nutritional blend containing high quality protein and natural fat burners to target those stubborn fat areas. With only 141 calories per serving our Diet Whey is also great as a healthy snack throughout the day.



We recommend taking our Diet Whey up to an hour after exercise, when the body’s metabolism is lifted as this will provide rapid absorption. During the day it can also be used to help reach your body’s protein targets as a healthy snack.


Supreme Nutrition Diet Whey is our leanest blend of protein. Protein is your friend as you aim to lose weight and get leaner. The more protein you're consuming vs carbohydrates and fats, the leaner you become - your muscles grow and the fat drops off (your body composition changes). This blend is perfect for anyone trying to maintain a lean physique, lose weight or looking to naturally burn fat. Packed with 21.5g of Protein and only 123 calories per serving (depending on flavour), we’ve also included key ingredients that will naturally help you burn fat, including: 

  • Over 20g of Whey Protein Concentrate Per Serving
  • 400mg of Green tea extract (Equivalent of 5 Cups of Green Tea Per Serving!)
  • 400mg of Flaxseed
  • 400mg Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • 400mg CLA

Alongside the all important protein we've added key natural ingredients to support your weight loss efforts. Ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Flaxseeds have been proven to burn fat and target stomach fat specifically. There is the equivalent to 5 cups of green tea in every serving of Diet Whey so not only does it help you burn fat, it also contains valuable anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. 


For optimal use, mix 3 level scoops (30g daily) of Supreme Nutrition® Diet Whey with 200ml of water or milk. Increase or decrease water or milk to match your preference, shake well before consuming.


This is designed for anyone who’s looking to reduce their weight or maintain a lean physique. Our Diet Whey blend uses natural fat burning ingredients such as Green tea and Flaxseed oil to help you reach your fat loss goals naturally whilst maintaining your protein intake.