Superhero Straps - Superman

Superhero Straps - Superman
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Why do we offer this product these wrist straps? MYOBAND introduces DC into your life by providing you with the tools that Batman and Superman would be proud to use themselves! The straps allow you to pull weights beyond human grip strength! When to purchase wrist straps? The right wrist straps give you additional support on the wrist joint to allow you to lift bigger weights and push your strength to the limit. When pushing weights in the lower rep range at your upper weight limit, your wrists and grip can give out which means that your muscles are not trained to failure. With the right support your strength can really be tested which is often why wrist straps are called strength wrist straps. If you’re training with lower weights and higher reps then wrist straps are not necessary as it is unlikely that your wrists will cause you problems. However, if you have particularly weak wrists from a previous injury then it can be beneficial to strap up for additional support and strength. How is the product unique? Each pair of wrist straps offers a unique design with fully licensed artwork. The only decision you need to make is TEAM Batman or TEAM Superman? What are the benefits of the DC wrist straps? Padded Interior for ultimate comfort DURAFLEX 100% ultra-premium cotton webbing for breathability and durability Loop style 25-inch extra-long strap for increased security and grip strength ONE SIZE fits all What is the product made of? DURAFLEX cotton 100%