Supergood Flippin Lovely Pancake Mix, 200gr

Supergood Flippin Lovely Pancake Mix, 200gr
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Brand: Supergood
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Supergood! Flippin Lovely Pancake Mix* is made from gluten-free, high-fibre, nutritious flours. This mix makes American-style fluffy pancakes, with a hint of cinnamon & and can also be used to make waffles. Great for breakfast, or add protein powder for a post-gym snack! Try our bestselling Supergood! Flippin Lovely Pancake Mix to make delicious fluffy American-style pancakes with a warming hint of cinnamon. We’re absolutely wild for these soft, squidgy slices of heaven and could happily eat them all day. If you feel the same, we think you’ll be won over by our vegan, gluten-free and all natural pancake mix which makes pancake scoffing easier and healthier.One pack of this gluten free and dairy free pancake mix makes 15 pancakes but you don’t have to use it all at once (we give guidelines for 1/2 pack)! Can be made into pancakes or waffles. Here at Supergood! we make delicious baking mixes that you and your body will love! Made with natural organic ingredients, Certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, High fibre. A winner of Quality Food Awards 2018, the 2019 Nourish awards and the Great Taste Awards 2020. * Previously known as Superfood Bakery Morning Dreamers Organic Pancake MixIngredientsFlour blend* (chickpea flour*, tapioca flour*, brown rice flour*, buckwheat flour*), unrefined cane sugar*, gluten-free baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, corn starch, sodium bicarbonate), cinnamon* (2%). *Ingredient from organic agriculture.