Super DHA 500 from Food-Grade Calamari - 30 softgels

Super DHA 500 from Food-Grade Calamari - 30 softgels
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Brand: Swanson
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Produced only from Norwegian line-caught food-grade calamari (squid) Boosts cognitive function and healthy brain development Targeted support to maintain healthy blood pressure levels High-intensity support for healthy blood lipid levels Are you EFA-savvy? Omega-3 science is rather complex, but most interested individuals recognize the big players, EPA and DHA, present in marine oils. And while most fish oils provide more EPA than DHA, the evidence now shows that DHA is actually the body’s preferred omega-3. Swanson has you covered with our new Super DHA 500 omega-3 supplement featuring Calamarine Marine Oil. Swanson EFAs’ Super DHA is the next generation, eco-friendly and sustainable omega-3 supplement that offers more DHA than any other marine source. Because omega-3 fatty acids cannot be synthesized in the body, their importance in the diet cannot be overlooked. Calamari or squid oil, the raw source of Calamarine, is unique among marine oils in that its DHA content can reach 50% by weight. Calamarine, the highly-purified, refined calamari oil in our new Super DHA 500 is the only marine oil that delivers this preferred source of omega-3 in high concentration.