Sulbutiamine 300mg 60 Capsules

Sulbutiamine 300mg 60 Capsules
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Raw Powders™ offers Sulbutiamine capsules!What is Sulbutiamine?Sulbutiamine differs from most of the nootropics because of its not naturally made substance. Sulbutiamine supplement reminds vitamin B1 (Thiamine) structure, but instead of dissolving in water, Sulbutiamine dissolves in fats liquid. Why Sulbutiamine?Sulbutiamine might be helpful to fight with Thiamine deficiency. Also, Sulbutiamine is considered as a brain performance enhancer and improver of other cognitive functions. It maintains your memory and focus, as well as mood and motivation. This substance aids people facing diabetes neuropathy and Alzheimer’s, and even fights fatigue.WARNING:Consult the doctor before starting to use any supplement if you are pregnant or under another medicine or have any health malaise. In case of unwanted physical or mental changes, discuss usage and dosage with a professional. Any supplementation is forbidden for people under 18.