Shiitake Mushroom Extract, 500mg - 120 caps

Shiitake Mushroom Extract, 500mg - 120 caps
Brand: Swanson
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  • Shiitake extract is an excellent immune system booster.
  • Enhances cellular defenses.
  • Delivers 1,000 mg of shiitake mushrooms extract per serving. Bolster your body’s natural defenses with the powerful immune support of Swanson Superior Herbs Shiitake Mushroom Extract. For thousands of years, traditional Chinese and Japanese herbalists have treasured the shiitake mushroom for its unique immune-boosting properties. Modern science has revealed that shiitake mushrooms have unique polysaccharide constituents with a wide range of protective benefits throughout the body. Shiitake mushrooms can help support cardiovascular health, boost energy and brain function, promote skin health and more. Add shiitake extract to your wellness regimen today!