Saw Palmetto, 200mg - 60 caps

Saw Palmetto, 200mg - 60 caps
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Brand: Haya Labs
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The active ingredient of HAYA LABS Saw Palmetto includes fatty acids, phytosterols, flavonoids. The fruits also contain polysaccharides with high molecular weight, which can reduce infections and provide a better function of the system. Benefits: Assists in maintaining the normal function of the prostate Facilitates urination Reduces prostate stress Helps maintain hormonal balance in both sexes Increases libido Saw Palmetto is used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. The extract of Saw Palmetto contains plant-based chemicals, which may affect the level of testosterone in the body, and also could reduce the amount of enzyme that promotes the growth of prostate cells. Saw Palmetto is a small palm, the fruits of which were used centuries ago by the local population in America. In the early 20th century, men used the berries to treat urinary problems, to increase sperm production and also to increase their libido. The extract of fruits of Saw Palmetto is effective to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, including frequent urination and problems with urination during the day and night. The urethra is the tube that passes urine through the body, and it passes through the prostate in men. When the prostate gland is enlarged, men can have problems with urination.