Renew Pre Workout - No Caffeine, Mango - 20 x 19g

Renew Pre Workout - No Caffeine, Mango - 20 x 19g
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin B
Brand: Dorian Yates
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Dorian Yates’ Stimulant Free Pre-workout is a caffeine and stimulant-free pre-workout for anyone working out late at night, sensitive to stimulants, or looking for a great workout without stimulants. Containing, an impressive range of ingredients in research supported dosages including 3400mg creatine monohydrate, 2500mg betaine hydrochloride, 3000mg arginine AKG, 3000mg citrulline malate, 1500mg glycerol monostearate, 188mg Rhodiola Rosea, b vitamins, and electrolytes, Dorian Yates’ Stimulant Free Pre-workout has been formulated to help you get the most out of your training sessions. Why Caffeine Free? To this end then, we know that it is important to have a pre-workout supplement that is free from stimulants available to the public. Many people have high habitual caffeine intakes through tea, coffee and stimulant drinks as it is, and working schedules are no longer just 9-5 meaning more and more people are exercising later at night. If you consider that sleep is the time when the vast majority of muscle hypertrophy and CNS recovery takes place, it makes sense to not interfere with it. Amongst caffeine’s known side effects are sleep deprivation, which brings with it a risk of performance deficits often linked to reduced muscle and CNS recovery. Daily caffeine consumption causes a reduction in 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (the main metabolite of melatonin, the sleep hormone) which will detrimentally impact the ensuing nights sleep, which is one of the mechanisms by which sleep is interrupted through caffeine intake. Features & Benefits Dorian Yates’ Pre-Workout offers the array of benefits a quality, expertly formulated pre-workout should, minus the over stimulation occasionally caused by caffeine, especially if you train late at night. Needless to say it delivers far more than that though, take the inclusion of the most heavily researched supplement ingredient of all time, Creatine monohydrate as the prime example, or the conditionally essential amino acid L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate (Arginine AKG), known to elicit vasodilation and improved blood perfusion to the working muscle, take also Citrulline Malate, the organic salt of malic acid which is a key and established intermediate in the energy producing citric acid cycle. You see, pre-workouts must deliver more than energy in the form of calories, although that can be important it will only get you and your clients so far, the ergogenic effect must be multi-faceted if optimal results are required.