Purple Wraath, Purple Lemonade - 1152 grams

Purple Wraath, Purple Lemonade - 1152 grams
Categories: Vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Controlled Labs
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Enhance Recovery And Increase Strength, Endurance, And Energy! Discover the “Holy Grail” of bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancement: maximizing lean gains and fat loss while enhancing recovery and increasing strength, endurance, and energy. Purple Wraath was created to be the most complete EAA/BCAA product on the market; keeping your body in a constant anabolic state and keeping you training hard with its added super endurance complex. Key Attributes:

  • Fast absorption/fast acting
  • EAA & BCAA
  • Caffeine-free ergogenic formula
  • Delicious tangy grape flavor
  • Natural anabolic environment
  • Increase athletic performance, endurance, focus, stamina, and muscle recovery
  • Legal, safe, and effective for both men and women
  • Stimulate metabolism to reduce body fat
  • Explosive strength, power, and energy
  • Increase or maintain muscle mass whether cutting or bulking
  • Dextrose/maltodextrin free Sound too good to be true? Keep reading… We all know that supplements are not a replacement for nutrition and training, but if you are looking for a supplement to enhance every part of your workout and take your gains to the next level… look no further than Purple Wraath by Controlled Labs. PurplEAA Complex: The Purple Wraath PurplEAA Complex is a very efficient formula based on the science of actual homo sapiens muscle protein and clinical studies on human amino acid assimilation. Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) are the “building blocks” of lean muscle mass, but the EAA’s from whey protein can take hours to enter circulation. The solution is the Purple Wraath fast-acting, free-form PurplEAA Complex: While essential amino acids function cohesively as a group to aid in your training, additionally they each produce a significant benefit when it comes training: Leucine:
  • Primary anabolic trigger
  • Enhance recovery
  • Optimize hormone levels Valine:
  • Energy
  • Recovery
  • Glucose production
  • Nitrogen balance
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic Isoleucine:
  • Energy
  • Recovery
  • Glucose production
  • Hormones Lysine:
  • Beta-oxidation
  • Nitrogen balance
  • Calcium absorption
  • Energy Arginine:
  • Vasodilator
  • Nutrient delivery
  • Anti-Catabolic Histidine: