Pump-HD, Lemonade - 200 grams

Pump-HD, Lemonade - 200 grams
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: BPI Sports
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BPI Sports Pump HD is an extreme pump amplifier.* It contains beetroot powder, TMG as betaine anhydrous, glycerol and 6 grams of citrulline. This combination is powerful, but stimulant free, so it can be stacked with other supplements including pre-workout and creatine. Pump HD is also free from artificial colors. Combined with the fact that it is made in a FDA-compliant, cGMP facility here in the USA, you can trust that this supplement will help you reach your goals. This advanced, pre-training supplement provides your muscles with sustained hydration, allowing you to feel the pump and train for longer. The natural, stimulant-free energy provided by Pump HD helps you power through even the most difficult workout while maintaining laser focus. Over time, this improves the intensity and quality of your workouts, and therefore, your results.