Pukka Mint Refresh Tea, 20Bags

Pukka Mint Refresh Tea, 20Bags
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Brand: Pukka Herbs
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Peppermint, licorice & rose organic herbal tea. A cooling blend of peppermint, licorice & rose to refresh the body and mind. Uplifting peppermint, hibiscus and roses with licorice and fennel for a fresh sweet finish. Each herb within this vibrant blend is renowned for helping you refresh and cool down. This scantily-clad brew frolics across the taste-buds makes unashamed use of the refreshing properties of Peppermint and Licorice, putting a skip in your step and a mischievous smile on your soul.Ingredients Peppermint Licorice Hibiscus Fennel Roses Coriander Seed. How to make a Pukka Cuppa…Place tea bag into cup and gently pour hot water ensuring that the water is not poured directly onto the bag. Leave to infuse for at least 5 minutes and prepare yourself for the ultimate pukka taste sensation!