Pukka Herbs Citrus Zing Organic, 30ml

Pukka Herbs Citrus Zing Organic, 30ml
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Brand: Pukka Herbs
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With zesty and enlivening green tea, red ginseng and lemongrass.Add a touch of nature to your water with just a dash of organic Aqua Herbs. Make water wonderful. Get ready to take on the world with a refreshing and uplifting blend of lemon, ginseng and wonderful green tea. Perfectly mixed to give a spring in your step. IngredientsConcentrated white grape juice, honey, concentrated apple juice, green tea glycerite* (13%), concentrated lemon juice (13%), lemongrass extract (8%), ginger root extract, ginger root tincture, red ginseng root tincture (0.5%) * = contains non-organic citric acid. PrecautionsKeep out of reach of children. Do not drink undiluted.