Pukka Herbs Andrographis, 30 Capsules

Pukka Herbs Andrographis, 30 Capsules
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Brand: Pukka Herbs
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Pukka Andrographis is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial for the digestive, liver and respiratory systems. whilst also moderating inflammatory respnse_ It acts both as an immunostimulant and an immunomodulator. This gives Andrographis the ability to reduce the severity and duration of infections such as colds. flu and sore throats together with parasitic infections of the gastro-intestinal tract.• Natural alternative to antibiotics• Contains significantly higher levels of immune-stimulating andrographolides due to carefully selected growing and harvesting • Clinically proven to offer better protection of the liver than milk thistle • High in sesquiterpene lactones Key NotesAbility to boost a weakened immune system whilst also fighting infectionIncreases numbers of antibodies and enhances the specific as well as the non-specific immune responseProven use in treating influenza, upper respiratory tract infection, sore throat and parasitic infections in the gastro-intestinal tract.Can be used safely short-term for acute infection and long-term to strengthen immunity and support the liver • High andrographolide contentSuitable for vegetarians and vegansFree from binders, fillers, gluten, dairy and soyaOrganic, natural ingredients, made using only the finest medicinal grade herbs Recommended for… Acute infections such as: colds. flu. fever. sore throats. Parasitic and bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. How does Andrographis work?• Stimulates the immune system by increasing numk"rs of antibodies and acting as an immune modulator. • Has proven anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic prcperties • Has strong hepato-protective properties It increases the flow of bile through the liver. helping to clear liver infection and inflammation, • A valuable anti-inflammatory: It acts on Nf-KB - a family of transcription factors involved in the expression of pro-inflammatory genes , Including Tumour Necrosis Factor. IngredientsBlend: Andrographis leaf, Vegetable cellulose capsule (hydroxyprapyl methyl cellulose). Directions For Use2 capsules taken twice daily.