Pukka Aqua Herbs Chamomile Relax

Pukka Aqua Herbs Chamomile Relax
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Brand: Pukka
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Pukka Aqua Herbs Chamomile Relax will change the way you look at drinking water forever. By combining a selection of organic herbs, normal drinking water is imbued with a delicious flavour profile, creating a blissful experience. Chamomile Relax adds ashwagandha, chamomile, lavender and spearmint, a delicate yet naturally sweet profile that helps to calm the mind and soul. Take a few moments to unwind as you savour the delicious taste and peaceful tranquillity. Make water wonderful. Benefits- A blend of powerful plants and botanicals that adds flavour to your water anytime, anywhere- A mellow blend, balancing bright floral hints with honey notes- Helps to promote peace, calm and tranquillity- Each bottle contains 30ml of Aqua Herbs which is equivalent to 15 servings- Can be drunk hot or cold- Sugar-free, caffeine-free and 100% organic- Distilled and compacted into a tiny bottle of pure herbal power- Bottle made from recyclable amber glass to ensure the product is protected from ultraviolet light and carton made from FSC certified carton board