PQQ Caps, 20mg - 30 vcaps

PQQ Caps, 20mg - 30 vcaps
Categories: Minerals, Antioxidant
Brand: Life Extension
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Your mitochondria are the cellular energy generators that supply power to energy intensive organs like your heart, brain, and kidneys. As you age, the number of functional mitochondria you have in your cells declines. And that can dramatically impact your health and longevity. But there is a solution. Taken daily, PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) can activate genes that promote the formation of brand new mitochondria for more youthful cellular energy production. So make PQQ Caps a part of your daily regimen! Benefits at a Glance Supports the generation of new mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis) Potent antioxidant Supports heart health and cognitive function Supports the defense of mitochondrial DNA Works synergistically with CoQ10