PowerGel Smoothie, Banana Blueberry - 16 x 90g

PowerGel Smoothie, Banana Blueberry - 16 x 90g
Categories: VitaminsVitamin C
Brand: PowerBar
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You like it natural and also fruity? Then you should try PowerBar PowerGel Smoothies. They are made from a min. of 65% fruit puree and like the traditional PowerGels, contain C2MAX, which is a combination of carbohydrates with a scientifically developed 2:1 ratio of glucose and fructose sources. PowerGel Smoothies are easy to swallow and come in a resealable pouch. Ideal for your next adventure or as a fruity variety during training and competition. Based on a min. of 65% natural tasting fruit puree C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix Carbohydrates plus sodium, the main electrolyte lost through sweat No flavours, colours (by law) or preservatives Lactose- and Gluten free Vegan