Plenaire Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel

Plenaire Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel
Categories: Skin, Age
Brand: Plenaire
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Plenaire Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel is a nourishing moisturizer that won’t weigh you down. With a cool-to-the-touch gel formulation that instantly absorbs, it will deliver optimum moisture, and help increase moisture retention. Packed with mega hydrators including hyaluronic acid and plant derived sugar, plus mattifying white peony to help control sebum. With one loving layer, skin feels instantly hydrated, more radiant, and dewy soft. Benefits- A 100% silicone-free formulation, so it won’t block pores and helps your skin breathe- Helps reduce transepidermal moisture loss and provides long-lasting hydration- Restores skins suppleness and elasticity- Manages sebum production, producing a mattifying effect- Soothing and relaxing with detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties- Improves radiance with continued use- Signature light floral scent with notes of white peony Key Ingredients- Sugar Esters (Sucragel) is derived from sugarcane and the sugarbeet plant. Sucragel has excellent biodegradability and will not cause environmental pollution- Steam distilled precious Bulgarian Rosewater is rejuvenating, stimulating and harmonizing Skin TypesSuitable for all skin types. How to UseUse Plenaire Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel daily after cleansing. Massage 2-3 droplets onto your face. Absorbs instantly. Add a second layer to build moisture as needed, especially during colder months. Use everyday after cleansing with Daily Airy or Tripler for the ultimate skin-loving ritual.