Plant Protein, Strawberries & Cream - 536 grams

Plant Protein, Strawberries & Cream - 536 grams
Categories: VitaminsVitamin C
Brand: Nutrex
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RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS and take your plant protein experience to another level. Our bold promise: PLANT PROTEIN is the BEST TASTING plant-based protein you can find. Our PLANT PROTEIN is the only product with real gourmet flavors. It’s so deliciously tasting that you will never believe it’s natural. It mixes easily and has an amazingly smooth mouthfeel. Our unmatched gourmet flavors are free of any artificial sweeteners. You may think such goodness can’t be real and you sacrifice quality? Nope. PLANT PROTEIN delivers 20g of premium protein per serving. It’s made with 4 different plant protein sources to create a COMPLETE PROTEIN PROFILE consisting of 20 amino acids and all 9 essential amino acids. This ensures that anyone’s needs, from the health-conscious person to the active athlete, are fully accounted for. Try it yourself! We are absolutely certain, you’ve found your new favorite PLANT PROTEIN.