Octacosanol, Maximum-Strength 20mg - 30 caps

Octacosanol, Maximum-Strength 20mg - 30 caps
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Brand: Swanson
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Active nutrient behind wheat germ oil supplements Supports cardiovascular health Delivers 20 mg of octacosanol per serving Sure, you can buy octacosanol elsewhere, but why settle for a mere 8,000 mcg when you can get a powerful 20 mg in just one capsule of our new maximum-strength supplement? One of the primary active nutrients behind the use of wheat germ oil supplements, octacosanol has been researched for its benefits toward fitness, energy, stamina and cardiovascular health. We’re introducing Swanson Ultra Maximum-Strength Octacosanol, a formulation of pure octacosanol for those who want to take their nutritional support to the max.