Magnolia Extract, 200mg - 30 vcaps

Magnolia Extract, 200mg - 30 vcaps
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Brand: Swanson
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Promotes stable moods and a healthy stress response Standardized to minimum 90% honokiol Veggie capsules Magnolia bark has been used in traditional Chinese and Japanese healthcare for thousands of years. Scientific research into its properties began in the 1800s, but only recently did researchers isolate and identify its active component, honokiol. Since then, many investigative studies have been initiated around the world. Historical uses for magnolia bark very widely, with applications for supporting stable moods and promoting healthy stress response being the most consistently recorded and validated. New research is investigating honokiol’s potential for promoting cellular health. Our new 90% Honokiol Magnolia Extract meets the standards set for scientific research. You’ll find the same high standardization in supplements sold through health practitioners but at much higher prices.