KIKI Health Organic Baobab Powder, 100gr

KIKI Health Organic Baobab Powder, 100gr
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Kiki Health
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Baobab Powder is a whole food that is derived from the fruits of the African baobab tree. Our Organic Baobab Powder is sustainably harvested and raw - milled to produce a -fine powder that maintains the naturally occurring nutrients found in the fruit. The Baobab Tree is often referred to as the “Tree Of Life” as its bark, leaves, fruit, seeds and even roots have all been used for generations, either as a valuable source of food or as a traditional medicine. The leaves, especially when young, are used in a similar way to spinach, or can be dried, powdered and used in soups. However, the pulp of the baobab fruit is the most important resource. Ingredients:100% Organic Baobab Powder