HOTSHOT preworkout, Cola Kube / 30 Servings - Tub

HOTSHOT preworkout, Cola Kube / 30 Servings - Tub
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Why did we create this product?

HOTSHOT was created by our food scientists, fitness director and a dietitian. Together they were able to consider the commercial viability, safety and consumer needs in order to select synergistic ingredients and set prime dosages for a pre-workout supplement. The formula for HOTSHOT is scientifically backed, meaning there is proof that the ingredients and dosages help to enhance performance.

In a world of Covid, when Labs were inaccessible, we had to relay on existing science. Approximately over 50 scientific journals were read prior to creating the HOTSHOT formula to gather solid evidence on ingredients that are efficacious. 30 different ingredients were scientifically backed and considered to be included. The further selection process was established by customer expectations and needs, based on the current market. Lastly, the formula including dosages were decided whereby taste was considered as well.

 The formula was slightly refined based on performance, taste and colour feedback. That way a safe, scientifically backed pre-workout formula was developed. For more information on preworkouts, take a read of our blog here  

What are the benefits of HOTSHOT? 

  • Stimulation - Pre-workout supplements give the energy boost needed to get through longer, more intense workouts to help improve your exercise performance.
  • Synergistic effect - Research suggests that ingredients found in pre-workouts can create a synergistic effect when used together. This means greater benefits will arise when the supplements are combined rather than used separately.
  • Immediate effect - Pre-workouts have relatively immediate effects on the body. Generally the effects of HOTSHOT will be noticed within 30 minutes of taking it.
  • Indirect pump - Increases nitric oxide in the blood, which is connected to more explosive energy power.
  • Created from science.

How is the product unique? 

HOTSHOT is a pre-workout supplement that helps recharge energy sources to increase strength and lean body mass, subsequently enhancing performance. It is a water based drink of herbs and vitamins in powder form with sweetness.

 The symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can prolong the time it takes for you to be able to exercise again. Using supplements such as pre-workouts can decrease the time taken for muscle recovery, allowing you to get back to the gym sooner.

 Stimulant heavy supplements should