High Potency Optimized Folate, 5000mcg - 30 vegetarian tabs

High Potency Optimized Folate, 5000mcg - 30 vegetarian tabs
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Brand: Life Extension
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Part of the B vitamin family, folate is an important nutrient that promotes cardiovascular health, supports cognitive health, and more. However, not everyone can convert folate to its most biologically active form. This form of folate, called 5-MTHF or L-methylfolate, provides the greatest health benefits. Our High Potency Optimized Folate provides 5000 mcg of 5-MTHF. Benefits at a Glance: Super-high-potency dose of bioavailable 5-MTHF folate Supports both heart and cognitive health Promotes healthy homocysteine levels 5-MTHF folate overcomes the enzyme inefficiency roadblock More facts about High Potency Optimized Folate (L-Methylfolate) Folate is in the most common form of folic acid supplements. Once ingested, your body is supposed to convert folic acid, a synthetic version of folate, into 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, or 5-MTHF. But research shows that a substantial portion of the population lacks robust activity of the enzyme that’s necessary to convert folic acid to 5-MTHF. A more useful approach is to take 5-MTHF directly. 5-MTHF, homocysteine, and cardiovascular health Folate helps maintain healthy homocysteine levels already within the normal range. By helping to inhibit excess homocysteine, folate supports healthy levels of this important cardiovascular health biomarker. And because 5-MTHF is up to seven times more bioavailable than folic acid, it significantly increases folate levels within red blood cells. 5-MTHF, homocysteine, and cognitive health 5-MTHF’s greater bioavailability is especially important for people who don’t have enough activity of the enzyme necessary to convert folic acid to its biologically active form. Since people with elevated homocysteine levels have a greater risk of cognitive decline,4 the increased efficiency of 5-MTHF in supporting healthy folate status is especially crucial for aging individuals. Take alone or with B12 for enhanced effect The RDA for folate is 400 mcg a day, but this high-potency formula provides 5000 mcg of this super-bioavailable form of folate. For even greater health benefits, take 5-MTHF folate with methylcobalamin (the active form of vitamin B12), vitamin B6, and/or riboflavin. Whether you take it alone or with other B vitamins, be sure to add High Potency Optimized Folate to your nutritional regimen today!